As Ontario’s largest provider of Retirement Plans for Indigenous employers, we oversee approximately $400 million in Retirement Assets. What does this mean for you?

  1. We work daily to assist our Indigenous Employers and recommend how to save for retirement.
  2. We assist with Financial Planning and comingling of tax exempt and taxable pensions to help reduce income tax.
  3. We can offer TFSA and RESP plans in conjunction with Registered Pension Plans and Group RRSPs.
  4. We work with your HR staff to coordinate individual and group sessions for all staff members.
  5. We assist HR and Finance with the filling of all pension forms.

Handling your retirement plan governance, we help to oversee, manage and administer the pension plan to ensure that fiduciary and other responsibilities of the plan and/or plan sponsor have been met.

Governance Review

When servicing a client with a pension plan under our management, WP conducts an annual Governance Review. As part of this process, WP also conducts a pricing review based on the plan’s assets and negotiates the Investment Management Fee (IMF) charged by the insurer on your behalf. We work to get you the best rate possible.

Governance of Your Plan

Through our partnership approach, we assist in establishing and maintaining a governance program that not only satisfies your Fiduciary Responsibility but will also ensure compliance with the Capital Accumulation Plan (CAP) Guidelines.

Ongoing Services

  • Review all plan documents to ensure accuracy and currency
  • Review annual financial statements and assist in the completion of any government filings
  • Review investment fund utilization and performance
  • Advise on ongoing or emerging issues that may affect the operation of the plan
  • Review the costs of operating the plan to ensure these costs remain competitive
  • Provide reports on possible plan enhancements or other changes
  • Ensure any information required is obtained quickly, accurately, and clearly respond to all inquiries from plan members concerning the plan
  • Ensure adequacy of services provided by third party delegates
  • Arrange and conduct employee information and educational meetings – both 1-to-1 and group
  • Provide individual investment and retirement counseling to new and existing plan members
  • Produce individual pension projections to give employees an estimate of what their retirement income will look like at various ages